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Wobbling Off The Pounds! Girls getting crazy (: Miss Allie Marie and Ms. GloDoll

Wobbling Off The Pounds 80’s Workout theme! Miss Allie Marie and Heather Ann

Nikki at Winter Masquerade Ball xoxo

Miss Allie Marie and Makaela Fox at Elektroween

Nikki and Makaela Fox for Winter Masquerade Ball

Makaela Fox at T.A.S.T.Y xoxo

Miss Allie Marie and Nikki at T.A.S.T.Y.

GloHouse on Stage for Firepower tour during Datsik’s set.

Miss Allie Marie for Elektroween 2012

Makaela Fox and Miss Allie Marie! xoxo

Miss Allie Marie with Heather Ann! xoxo

GloHouse GoGo xoxo

Makaela Fox!

Miss Allie Marie!